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Lump or bulge, Pain or discomfort and Swollen gums. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms lump or bulge, pain or discomfort and swollen gums including Teething, Dental abscess, and Salivary duct obstruction sialolithiasis. A bump or lump on the gum can be a result of simple irritation such as in people who have the habit of moving the teeth against the gum or an oral device that tends to press against one spot. Such a simple irritation causes the immune system to form a lump as a way. 14/02/2018 · Your gums are very important to your oral health. The gums are made of firm, pink tissue that covers your jawbone. This tissue is thick, fibrous, and full of blood vessels. If your gums become swollen, they may protrude or bulge out. Swelling in your gums usually begins where the gum. When people notice a lump on their gums, the first tendency is to worry. However, this modification does not necessarily equal a serious health problem. Instead of spending your time worrying about it, it is for the best to go to the doctor. A medical professional can. That white, filmy debris that congregates along the gum lines and on the surface of your teeth causes not only cavities, but gum infections as well. That’s because the plaque builds up along the margin of the gum lines and also begins to creep in underneath the gum pocket, infecting the gums from the inside out.

What about when you notice a pimple on your gum? Not Really a Pimple. While that small white mound on your gum looks just like a pimple, it's in fact a dental fistula also known as a dental boil. This occurs when an infection in your gum has produced pus, and your body is looking for a way to drain that pus. There are numerous entities that cause bumps on the gum line. Identification depends on what the lump looks and feels like palpation. More information is needed to help identify the lump. Let me give you some examples. The first example is a dra. 02/10/2011 · Bump/Cyst on Gum? Worried. Strange lump on my gum!!!! gum pimple puss Strange Lump On Gums - Concerned! raised bump on the gum after tooth extraction bump on child gum Gum lump on the wall of my teeth Jaw Bone Infection and cyst Bump on my gum and the roof of my mouth The bump on my gum. Bump on my gums Wisdom tooth removal area, now bone.

27/08/2017 · Street workout is a physical activity performed mostly in outdoor parks or public facilities. It originated in Ancient Greece, but became a popular movement in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the United States, especially in. So, you’ve had one or more teeth extracted, and now there is a hard lump on the gum. While this is not a typical post-tooth extraction occurrence, it is not a “run to the emergency” type of situation. The gums are made of firm, pink tissue that covers your jawbones. This tissue is thick, fibrous, and full of blood vessels. If your gums become swollen, they may protrude, or bulge out. Swelling of your gums usually begins where the gum meets the tooth. Your gums may become so swollen, however, that they begin to hide parts of your teeth.

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